What a frustrating thing, when you optimize your website for fast loading, and things go wrong : broken layout, broken functions, somethings doesn’t display.

In the Divi Builder, there is an useful function. which allow you to display (or not) some modules on :

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

It’s specially useful when an image is inserted (from an Image Divi Module) in a Right column on Desktop, but should be displayed at the Top on mobile. Then, you display some images Here on Desktop, and some images There on Mobile.

Still following me?

Today I found out why some of my images doesn’t display on mobile with the lazy loading (very frustrating!!).

I discover the images with that issue was only the images I set to be Hidden on Desktop (oh well!!).

Then, I remember that WP Rocket have a feature allowing us to make a different cache folder for Mobile and Desktop, separately. Then, I tick this checkbox and guess the magic… my images display well now in mobile also with the lazy load!

Why my images doesn't display on Divi mobile when WP Rocket Lazy Load is activated ?

(sorry, no better screenshot for you, my dashboard is in french)

Another solution if the issue persist for you is to disable the WP Rocket Lazyload and install an additional Lazyloading plugin instead.

I recommend you the Smush plugin (1 million active installs) which now have a very good Lazyload feature. And of course, you can disable any Smush feature you don’t like.

I hope WP Rocket team will work on this Divi issue in the future.

If it helps, please, drop a short comment below!

If it doesn’t helps, please, drop a short comment below 😀